State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo Stands Up for Detroit Public Schools

gay dagnogo (1)Early Thursday morning the state house narrowly passed a $500 million relief package for Detroit Public Schools, but stripped meaningful provisions that were included in the Senate bill, which was a bipartisan deal to help DPS through meaningful reforms. Lawmakers had agreed to the creation of a Detroit Education Commission which would oversee the opening and closing of all public schools in Detroit — traditional and charter. The commission also had support from Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. However, House Republicans instead opted to expand state control, […]

10 Reasons Not to Vote for Trump

Godfather Trump Story By Lena Peak


We don’t need to work very hard to come up with reasons to not vote for Donald Trump, we highlight just a few below, and this list certainly isn’t exhaustive:

  1. He’s hypocritical about everything – Trump has admitted to being good friends with the Clinton family, yet now he slews vulgar attacks at Hillary just like the other GOP candidates. In a 1999 interview with Meet The Press, Trump stated, “I am very pro-choice” – which is completely contradictory to his most recent statements that women who have […]

Get Your Tickets Now!


Join us at our annual Spring Gala on Friday, April 22. This year we will have special guests Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Winnie Brinks, and Lupe Ramos-Montigny. Tickets 75.00 per person, available until April 15th. The event will be held at the GVSU Banquet Room Eberhard Center, 301 Fulton W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Cocktails at 6:00PM, Dinner at 7:00PM, the program begins at 7:30PM. We hope to see you there!
Please mail checks no later than Friday, April 8th, payable to Kent County Democratic Party at 2922 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.


2016 Post Primary Volunteer Round-Up with Brandon Dillon

Brandon Dillon Michigan Democratic Party Chair, Brandon Dillon. Photo courtesy of Electablog.

It’s time for the Post-Primary Volunteer Round-Up!

Whether you’re for Hillary or for Bernie, we’ve all worked hard to support our candidates in the primary. Now is the time to rally together! Join us Tuesday, March 15th from 6-8pm at the American Postal Workers Union in Wyoming. We are currently building an army to support Democrats up and down the ticket. Democrats are fired-up, organized, and gearing up to win 2016!

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon will be on hand to talk about what’s at stake for […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Contrary to popular belief, women have been involved in politics since the beginning of the republic, continuously shaping public policies that impact not just themselves, but also the entire nation. The once rebellious acts of women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul gave women a voice in policy decisions. After 72 years of campaigning, beating, and arrests, women finally won the right to vote in 1920. It’s easy for young women to take the right to vote for granted, but what they don’t […]

Bernie Sanders, the man with a plan



By Brody Cragg

If last week’s Iowa caucus proved anything, it’s that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a real shot at becoming President of the United States. Bernie is a humble man, a man of bold ideas. He’s been called many things but I think the word we are looking for is “social Democrat.”

If you’ve been listening to him you would know that he’s made many comparisons to Norway’s economic and social programs- and why we should be replicating them.  He’s stood up for civil rights, worker’s rights, […]

Bills Introduced to Repeal Emergency Manager Law

Democrat State lawmakers believes authority should be given back to local elected officials.

Last week, Representative LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit) introduced House Bill 5260 that would repeal Michigan’s emergency financial manager law, and State Senator David Knezik (D-Dearborn Heights) introduced its counterpart in the Senate. This legislation is especially important because it is widely believed that Flint’s water crisis could have been prevented if Governor Snyder had allowed local government to make legislative decisions.  

“We need to return decision-making in our communities to the elected officials that residents voted into office,” said Garrett. “An emergency financial manager is […]

Democrat Winnie Brinks Standing Up for Women

MI Progressive Women's CaucusWomen are an essential cornerstone of families and community. While many strides for women’s equality continue to be made progress on even the most common-sense issues are often met with Republican opposition. Kent County Democrat and State Representative Winnie Brinks knows the value of standing up for basic women’s rights, and in spite of the odds she does this every day in Lansing.


Better Access to Birth Control A MustContra equity graph
According to the Michigan Department of Community Health In Michigan, […]