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20150314_110814For more than 30 years, the Kent County Democratic Party has been a grassroots focused organization fighting for progress right here in Kent County and West Michigan. We fight for middle class families on issues like job creation, equal pay, education, seniors, health care, and clean energy. From grassroots organizing to candidate recruitment, Kent County Democrats are working hard all year, every year to elect Democrats to move our country forward.

You can be part of it. Get to know our local elected officials, join us at a meeting or join the party. If you live in Grand Rapids check out the Grand Rapids Democratic Club. You can get involved with the Rockford Dems, or the Byron Center club. No matter where you live, locally Kent County Democrats are the ones fighting for your values every day in Lansing, Washington, and right here in West Michigan.

Join us!

Kent County Democratic Party meetings take place the 2nd Wednesday of every month, starting at 7pm at the American Postal Workers Union, located at 2554 Burlingame Ave SW in Wyoming, 49509.

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