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Turn Kent Blue Summit

Turn Kent Blue 2014 Summit

The KCDP “Turn Kent Blue” Committee sponsored a messaging summit on May 3.  The summit was titled, “What Matters to you?”

Various local constituencies, such as Senior Citizens, Students, African-American, Faith-based, Latino, LGBT and others met to discuss issues important to them.

A major goal of the summit was to create a community of cooperative individuals and groups that could then formulate unified messages in a coordinated campaign to be used throughout the 2014 election process.

Groups also discussed suggestions for organizing, funding, and finding volunteers.

Watch a video below that summarizes the summit event, and below the video are the notes collected at the summit…


2014 Summit Issue Group Ideas and Priorities

African American

Economic Equality for the 99%

Pass the minimum wage to $10.10

Extend unemployment benefits

Refute the Paul Ryan budget

Disability issues

The disability community has Americans with continuing untapped potential

Access, dignity, choice and independence, housing, employment, community             support and a fair income.


Concerns exist regarding testing and charter schools

Children benefit from a diverse professional education staff

Need to attract diversity


Love Your Child  —  Protect Our Planet

Clean Energy Today  —   Healthy Planet Tomorrow

Firearm safety

Guns should be safe, legal and rare

Require background checks

Gun owners should be responsible and accountable

Open carry is intimidating to others

Certain areas should be off limits  

Health care

Everyone deserves a healthy life


Equality in work + equality in housing = dignity

Fundamental equality in hiring and housing

Animosity exists in jobs and rental housing


Where will Grandma live, with you?

How secure is social security?

Student/college age

Want U. S. to be The Education Nation

Job opportunities

Restructure student loan programs

College education affordable

Safe campuses, free of sexual assault and bullying

Urban living issues


Safe children, safe neighborhoods

Enforce the law consistently especially across racial lines

Civilian Appeals Board (assist/educate people to utilize their services, possibly a 30            


R—Resources for veterans and their families in need

Q—Quality health care providers

C—Continuity of care across all services (physical, emotional, mental)

Women’s Issues

My self, My health, My decision

Same job, Same paycheck

When women vote, Democrats win

Working middle class

Prosperity begins with us

Protect the middle class

A strong, vibrant middle class is dying

The working middle class it the heart of the U.S.

Common ground identified by all groups together

Economic Justice

Life with dignity

Public education for all

Safe and secure communities

All people and families matter

People come before corporations which are not persons

Livable income and a secure safety net where needed

Access to affordable and comprehensive health care for all

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