GOP’s Voter Suppression Plan

GOP’s Voter Suppression Plan

As you can see from Senator Stabenow’s message below, the Republicans have a campaign to prevent us from voting. PLEASE ATTEND OUR UPCOMING PARTY MEETING on October 10, 2012: the Kent County Clerk will be teaching a session on pollwatching at 8:15 pm following our party meeting. WE NEED AS MANY QUALIFIED POLLWATCHERS AS POSSIBLE.


Republicans can’t win over Michigan voters with their plans to cut Medicare and turn it into a voucher system. They can’t win voters with their plans to take away birth control, mammograms, and maternity care from women.

So instead of trying to win on the merits, Republicans in Michigan are launching a statewide effort to suppress the Democratic vote.

Take a look at this excerpt from an email sent by Michigan GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak:

You read that correctly. The Michigan GOP’s so-called ‘Election Day Task Force’ isn’t about turning out their supporters. It is about recruiting ‘poll challengers’ to try and disenfranchise and discourage voters in strong Democratic areas.

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September 30th, 2012|