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The Kent County Democrats recommend the following candidates (or selections):

Please note that we have not recommended votes in partisan elections where there is no Democrat running or where an election is not contested.


Federal Offices:

President/Vice President – Barack Obama/Joseph Biden

U.S. Senator – Debbie Stabenow

U.S. Representative—3rd District – Steve Pestka

U.S. Representative—2nd District – Willie Griffin, Jr.


State/Local Offices:

State Representative (72nd District) – Scott Urbanowski

State Representative (73rd District) – D. Scott Schuiling

State Representative (74th District) – Richard Erdman

State Representative (75th District) – Brandon Dillon

State Representative (76th District) – Winnie Brinks

State Representative (77th District) – Scott Barton

State Representative (86nd District) – Brian Bosak


State Board of Education – Lupe Ramos-Montigny, Michelle Fecteau

Univ. of Michigan Regents – Mark Bernstein, Shauna Ryder Diggs

Michigan State Univ. Regents – Joel Ferguson, Brian Mosallam

Wayne State Regents – Sandra Hughes O’Brien, Kim Trent


Clerk – Richard Carillo

Sheriff – James L. Farris

Treasurer – Theresa Braham Walker

Drain Commissioner – Christopher Preville


Kent County Commissioners

3rd District – James Black

4th District – Thomas Golden

8th District – Duane J.Sprague

9th District – Keith Courtade

10th District – Albert Abbasse

13th District – Michael Johnston

14th District – Carol M. Hennessy

15th District – James Talen

16th District – David Bulkowski

17th District – Candace Chivis

18th District – Paul Bernard

19th District – Lance C. Penny


There are a number of local races that also may be on your ballot. You can vote for all of the Democrats in your district by voting straight Democratic. HOWEVER, YOU ARE NOT DONE YET. THERE ARE NON-PARTISAN POSITIONS AND PROPOSALS TO VOTE FOR AS WELL.


Non-Partisian Positions:

Michigan Supreme Court (2-year term) – Sheila Johnson

Michigan Supreme Court (6-year term) – Connie Marie Kelley, Bridget Mary McCormack

Don’t forget to vote in the race for Kent County Probate Court Judge and for school board positions.


Statewide Ballot Proposals:

1 – NO

2 – YES

3 – YES

4 – YES

5 – NO

6 – NO


Also, there are important local proposals, including in Grand Rapids (1—whether to change the City Charter to eliminate the elected City Comptroller position and have the City Council appoint that person instead, and 2—whether to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana). Walker will be voting on whether to continue to be part of the Rapid transportation system.

Now you are done. Pat yourself on the back for being an informed and active voter.Encourage your friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances to follow your lead (and this guide).

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