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Sign On to Protect Workers Compensation

A bill that guts Michigan’s exemplary workers’ compensation program has passed the State House of Representatives. There is an opportunity to stop this legislation, House Bill 5002, in the Senate before this becomes law.

In response to this action, Chuck Tawney has created a petition to the Michigan Senate and Governor Rick Snyder on, which says:

Both on the national and state level, cuts are being proposed and enacted that attack the 99% of U.S. citizens who work for a living—the ones who have created the real wealth that this nation has achieved. The most recent example of this attack is Michigan House Bill 5002 which, if enacted, will gut workers’ compensation. There is no economic rationale for this bill. It further benefits the wealthy at the expense of our hardest-working citizens.

House Bill 5002 harms injured working people by: changing the review panel from independent career judges to political appointees; denying injured workers the right to choose their own doctor for 45 days; making the suffered “disability” harder to prove; and setting compensation to arbitrarily determined wages, then denying the worker compensation if those jobs are not available.

We oppose federal and state bills that further impoverish those who work and add real wealth to our nation. They undermine the means by which we can ensure economic security and human dignity. We need jobs, not cuts. We oppose Michigan House Bill 5002.

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:

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December 12th, 2011|